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Virtual Factory Visit

Virtual Factory Tour

Kindly click on the video below and let us welcome you to our State-of-the-Art factory in Petchaburi – Thailand. Following this you will be able to follow the steps involved in the production of Alfaplas® high Quality Cast Acrylic Sheets – from a liquid MMA to the delivery of high optical grade cast acrylic sheets!
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Process 1


  • Monomer is heated and put in high pressure reactive tanks
  • Total Titan has different tanks with different settings. This is to produce the required viscosity according to sheet thickness.
  • Process lasts 90 mins – 10 hrs depending on required viscosity.
  • After this, stirring continues in cooling tanks (ideal temp 35˚)

Process 2


  • Carefully calculated measures of Catalyst and required color dye for each batch are added to the resulting syrup
  • Transfer to Mixing stations to produce consistent mix

Process 3

Vacuum Tanks

  • Inserted into Vacuum tanks to remove any gas remaining for between 10-40 mins.
  • Inspected by weight.

Process 4


  • Glass is paired and separated by PVC gasket according to the thickness requirements
  • Titan Poly Tech’s in-house patented clamping systems secures the glasses, and ensures minimum tolerance variation in sheet thickness!
  • An open corner of the Mold Cavity is filled with the liquid monomer/Catalyst/Dye mix.
  • Titan Poly Tech’s semi-automatic digitally controlled lines, ensure exact amount of liquid is poured.
  • Filled molds are transferred into the baking racks.

Process 5

Water Bath

  • Racks are inserted in heated water bath. Titan recycles water to protect the environment.
  • Temperature of bath 60˚C
  • Minimum 4 hrs and will be longer depending on the sheet thickness.
  • Titan Poly Tech’s systems automatically control Temperature and time in the bath for each rack’s specification.
  • Polymerization result 90%

Process 6

Air Oven

  • Racks are inserted in Air oven to 120˚C.
  • Minimum 3 hrs in oven, longer for thicker sheets.
  • Sheet coming out will be close to 100% hardened

Process 7


  • Our technicians skillfully peel the hardened acrylic sheets from the glass mold one by one.
  • 100% of our sheets are checked for weight straight from peeling.
  • 100% of our sheets are visually inspected a light deck by 2 QC inspectors.
  • Sheets are separated according to qualification by the QC Inspectors.

Process 8

Masking and Trimming

  • Titan Poly Tech’s Masking stations are equipped with light tables
  • 100% of sheets will be re-inspected visually during masking process.
  • Titan offers only top-quality pressure sensitive masking – Paper, White PE and Clear PE options available for our customers.
  • 100% of sheets are inspected to verify thickness is within our tight tolerance standards.
  • Sheets will be trimmed to ordered sizes in our vacuum equipped stations.
  • 100% of sheets will be brushed to remove any remain swarth
  • 100% of sheets are inspected for any damage during trimming

Process 9


  • Pre-palletization, counting of sheets, and record keeping.
  • Completed orders are stored together where possible, awaiting loading date.
  • Our packaging team will build personalized pallets and vertical crates in-house for each individual shipments’ requirements, maximizing stuffing capacity and correct handling of the sheets.

Process 10


  • On loading day, 100% sheets are re-counted, pass a final QC inspection, packed on shipping pallets.
  • Our loading bay can accommodate up to 4 containers.
  • We have our own fleet of pick-ups for next day delivery within the Greater Bangkok area.